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Family Dentistry in Blenheim

As a community dental practice, we have a special place in our hearts for our Blenheim families. Every member of our team is committed to forming long-term relationships with our patients and their families. After all, we live here too, and our patients are our neighbours and friends


Dental care for your child begins as soon as they get their first baby tooth and have their first appointment with us. As they grow older, we’ll help your child develop good dental health habits, and we’ll monitor their development to make sure their teeth are healthy. We provide decay prevention treatments such as fluoride rinses and dental sealants to protect your child’s teeth from cavities.

Kids Dental Tips

Baby Dental Tips

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As we get older, our dental health needs change. People are keeping their teeth much longer, so maintaining good dental health is a priority for seniors. Along with regular exams and hygiene appointments to keep your teeth healthy, we also help you with your changing needs, including assistance to caregivers in providing oral health care.

Keep your whole family smiling. We’d love it if you chose us as your family dentist. Call us today to schedule an appointment.